domingo, junho 16, 2013

Leituras (12)

"Strong democracy is a disctintively modern form of participatory democracy. It rests on the ideia of a self-governing community of citizens who are united less by homogeneous interests than by civic education and who are capable of common purpose and mutual action by virtue of their civic attitudes and participatory institutions rather than their altruism orn their good nature. Strong democracy is consonant with - indeed it depends upon - the politics of conflict, the sociology of pluralism, and the separation of private and public realms of action.
[S]trong democracy (...) can be formally defined as politics in the participatory mode where conflict is resolved in the absence of an independent ground through a participatory process of ongoing, proximate self-legislation and the creation of a political community capable of transforming dependent, private individuals into free citizens and partial and private interest into public goods".     

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