terça-feira, julho 17, 2007


... ao António Costa que faz hoje anos um abraço em dose dupla, pelo resultado eleitoral e pelo aniversário natalício. E que não se esqueça da lição de Walden:

"Misconceptions about the nature and role of elites cast a pall over democracy. A healthy democracy would be one led by elites of talent or accomplishment, wheter in business, sport, government or the arts, with access open to all. Responsibility goes with authority and high amongst the obligations of the 'elect' would be a duty to foster the aspirations of people less fortunate than themselves to emulate them and to join their number. In other words, there can be no elite worth the name that does not encourage the common man or woman to aspire to its condition (thought we should remember that many people lead happy and valuable lives without aspiring to join elites of any kind)".

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